Online blackjack is one of the major casino games. The game just require you to get a hand that is higher than the dealer. Get started with playing online games at

How to play

Online blackjack is simple to play. The game starts with the dealer sharing two face-down cards to players. Then the players can take different decisions to beat the dealers

However, depending on the type of game you choose, the dealer might be given a face-down card and an additional face up card for the player to see the content.

Actions to take

When you are given cards, you can choose to hit if you feel that the hand you have is low compared to the dealer. When you hit, you are given an additional card.

Hitting and standing

After you are given an additional card, you can decide to continue hitting. However, you can only hit when your card is below 21. When you go over 21, you bust

  • Other actions include
  • Standing

Stand in Online blackjack

When you are sure that your hand is high enough then you can stand. This means that you do not add another card to your hand but compare with dealer.

How stand in blackjack works

When you stand, you will not be able to take any decision again. Your card will be compared with the dealer to see if you win the round or not

Winning at online blackjack

There are several steps you can take to win at online blackjack. These steps include taking the right decisions at the right time. Some of the actions to take include

  1. Knowing when to split
  2. Knowing when to double down

When you have this knowledge you are able to reduce your chance of losing at these games. When you are given a pair of ace, it is advisable that you split

Betting strategy for online blackjack

Apart from splitting with a pair of ace, when you have a pair of 10, you should double down. This will increase your chance of winning more cash after the round.

Fibonacci betting system

There are different betting strategies that you can use to win at online blackjack. One of these strategies is Fibonacci betting strategy. This strategy is based on the popular mathematical sequence.

How Fibonacci works

You should start with the lowest bet possible on the table. Then when you play a round and you lose, you multiply your bet by the next number in the sequence.

Martingale betting strategy

This strategy involves you doubling your bet when you lose a round. Also, when you win a round, you should go back to the first bet you started with in the game.

How to choose a table

When you start playing online blackjack and you want to use the betting strategy, you need to look for a table with the smallest minimum bet amount to make it effective


Final thought on online blackjack.

There are different variants of blackjack that you can try out. There is the double exposure blackjack which shows the first two cards of the dealer. You also have the Spanish 21.

Online blackjack is a very simple casino game. You can easily learn how to play it in no time. You can visit an online casino today and start playing the game